Our Baking Adventures: A Healthier Bakewell Tart

In honor of Father’s Day yesterday, we thought we’d whip up a little something sweet. The recipe we landed on is one I’ve been dying to try for a while, the Bakewell Tart by Livia’s Kitchen. Livia’s Kitchen is a London-based company that makes fantastic recipes and products that are sweet and delicious but also a bit more health conscious. This recipe is both vegan and refined sugar free. Not to say that this is a perfectly healthy desert or a more standard bakewell tart is unhealthy and should be avoided, but I thought it would be fun to try a different twist to this popular desert. As an American, I’ve actually never had a bakewell tart and had only recently discovered what it is, so I’m looking forward to attempting my very first bakewell tart……..




The recipe, though requiring three separate steps, was clear and easy to follow, and was definitely very manageable. One hiccup I had was that the buckwheat flour I used seemed to have a dark grayish tone as opposed to what looked like light color, more standard looking flour in the pictures associated with the recipe. While my recreation of the tart was a sloppier and less appetizing looking than the original creation, the recipe led me well, and my tart turned out well baked and put together.

As for taste…..as I’ve never had an authentic bakewell tart I can’t compare the two, but I found it a good, not overly sweet desert. I loved the texture of the frangipane-like layer, and the raspberry jam beneath it added a delicious and almost tangy twist. My sister was less pleased with the taste and said “it tasted like it was made with alternative ingredients.” My mom really enjoyed the crust, which I thought tasted almost like a graham cracker. My dad was more generous, and said that it had a nice nutty flavor, was sweet but not too sweet, and the crust was especially tasty.

Overall this was a fun tart to make but it definitely not for everyone.

Have you ever tried baking with less standard ingredients? Have you had successes? failures?



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