San Diego Eats: Sushi Ota


I love all Asian cuisine. I love ramen, dim sum, and especially sushi. Sushi Ota is widely regarded as the best sushi restaurant in San Diego. I agree! One of the best things about Sushi Ota is how fresh the fish is. So when I go I order a lot of sushi that focuses on the fish rather than other aspects of rolls.



This Sashimi sampler comes with yellowtail, tuna, and salmon. It’s perfect if you can’t decide what sashimi to get because it offers the three most popular types.


Shown here counterclockwise from the bottom left is the spicy yellowtail roll, rainbow roll, tuna roll, and a crunchy shrimp hand roll. The spicy yellowtail is my absolute favorite roll here. The fish is so tasty and the spices are incredibly subtle. The rainbow roll is great to give you a variety of fish and the simple inside doesn’t disrupt the integrity of the flavor.  The basic tuna roll is a delicious alternative to nigiri.


Here is the yellowtail jalapeño. It combines the freshness of fish with the spiciness of the pepper. It comes in a ponzu sauce which ties everything together very nicely. Whenever I go, its always a fight to see who gets the last piece.


The best dessert is their homemade green tea mocha but apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so. When I tried to order one they told me they were out so instead I decided to try the other two flavors offered, strawberry and mango. While the actual mocha was just as good for these flavors, I didn’t like the artificial taste of the ice creams.


Overall, I would definitely recommend Sushi Ota to any avid sushi lover!




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