San Diego Eats: Urban Solace


Continuing our culinary journey through San Diego, we make a stop at Urban Solace, a hip restaurant tucked away in North Park. Housed in a New Orleans inspired exterior, Urban Solace’s interior is dimly lit and trendy, and when we walked in for our early dinner just before 7, it was already vibrant, full of lively diners. We were escorted onto a less sophisticated but sunny back patio where there were many well spaced tables.



This burrata, tomato, and arugula salad was dressed with pesto and balsamic, and was lively, light, and absolutely scrumptious. The burrata was some of the best I’ve had. It was incredibly refreshing and the pesto added a level of interest that a burrata salad might otherwise lack.


This impressive looking board was loaded with three cheeses, fig jam, spiced honey, mustard, apple, and glazed pecans. The pecans were simply delectable and the fig jam was a delicious accompaniment to the three cheeses, which included a blue and a goat. The goat was the most impressive for me, while the blue held its own and the third cheese was underwhelming. The menu gave the option of three different cheeses and an assortment of charcuterie, you could pick to have only cheese, only charcuterie, or a mix of the two. Our choice of the three cheeses was definitely a crowd-pleaser.


The butternut squash-ricotta terrine, one of several vegetarian entrees on offer, was rounded out with a pomegranate reduction, almonds, caramelized onions, and an assortment of veggies. The terrine itself was fine if rather simple and bland, while the veggies were over salted and oversauced. Overall, I would not recommend this dish, and would point any vegetarian visiting this restaurant to one of the other options on the menu.


This hanger steak was incredibly tender and well cooked. It melted in your mouth and cut as easily as other, more expensive steaks. It was very flavorful and the charred green beans and potatoes made for a great meal.


Tasting this shrimp, you could tell that it was great quality. It didn’t get that “of the sea” taste that some cheaper shrimp can give. It was grilled which is my favorite was of cooking shrimp and was delicious. The grits, although no where near as good as some I’ve had in the south, held their own and were yummy in their own right.


This cider-molasses glazed chicken was the prize winner in my eyes. It was very tender and had a wonderful sweetness that really took the dish to the next level. Beneath lay a bed of scrumptious polenta that only added to my opinion of the dish.

All in all, we would definitely recommend Urban Solace. Stop in for a drink or a delicious meal next time you’re in San Diego.


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