My Most Used/Loved Makeup Brushes


The right makeup tools can be crucial in getting the best application out of your makeup products, so below I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite/most used brushes!


  • Mac 217: an absolute staple in my brush collection, actually probably my most used brush full-stop, this is a blending brush that can be used for any eye look. Whether you are going for a simple wash of color over the eyelids, or a more dramatic and complicated smoky eye, this brush will do the trick. Neither too fluffy nor too dense, neither too short nor too long, this is an essential eyeshadow brush, one that I would recommend to makeup newbies and makeup aficionados alike.


  • Mac 239: a shorter, stiffer version of the 217, this brush is less of a blending brush and better for placing shadow onto the lid.


  • Laura Mercier Finishing Eye, similar here, is just that, a finishing brush. With long, soft hairs and a fluffier design, this brush diffuses edges and blends to perfection.



  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge-my go to when it comes to base products, this sponge is a great alternative to the pricier beauty blender, and I actually prefer its shape. I use the flat edge to blend my foundation and the pointed edge to blend in smaller areas, when using concealer or highlighter. When using the sponge I will run it under water than squeeze the excess out, leaving it slightly damp and perfect for creating a well blended, natural base on the face.


  • Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki-When I choose a brush over a sponge for foundation application (which mostly depends on the formulation of the foundation), this is the brush I reach for. Flat and dense, this brush makes blends foundation quickly and effortlessly.


  • Morphe G38-while marketed as a “mini contour” brush, youtube’s thataylaa has recommended this in several videos as a concealer brush, and I’ve found it perfectly suited to that purpose.


  • Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer-this concealer brush is a similar shape and density to the morphe brush above and is considerably smaller, so better for concealing in smaller areas, such as blemishes or the area around the nose.


  • Sigma F05 Small Contour-I love this flat and slightly fluffy brush for applying and blending out contour. It allows you to create a natural shadow effect rather than a harsh stripe of contour.


  • Real Techniques Setting Brush-this is without a doubt my most used makeup brush. From blending out concealer, to applying highlighter, to setting with powder, this brush is an amazing multitasker, and I keep two in my collection because I love it that much.

2 thoughts on “My Most Used/Loved Makeup Brushes

  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love my real techniques sponge too!


    1. Thanks for visiting! Yeah, that sponge is definitely fab!

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