Clothing Review: Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen

On a recent jaunt to Los Angeles, we had a lovely and relaxing lunch with a cousin. While pondering our next activity, our cousin recommended visiting Platform, a small shopping center in Culver City. We were immediately enticed by promises of boba and a Reformation, and our cousin also suggested we visit one of her favorite shops, Shades of Grey, which she said stocked beautiful yet relatively affordable pieces.

Nestled in a trendy and upscale shopping center, Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen (and no, not like 50 shades of grey…) is crisp and minimalist yet inviting, and the same could be said for its clothes. Sleek, stylish, and sophisticated, the clothes housed in this shop are organized by color, and practically beg to be touched.

We both wanted to try on multiple items in different sizes and colors and the woman working there was incredibly helpful and patient. We found items that we were in love with and when I emailed them later that day asking about an item that was out of stock online, I got a personal response very quickly.

Here are the pieces we took home………


Immediately drawn to this because of my weakness for burnt orange (despite my displeasure with most other shades of orange), I quickly realized this dress would be a winner. I find wrap dresses stylish, sophisticated, and flattering, yet sometimes they can be too low cut. This dress has snaps on the inside to secure it, with a tie to emphasize the waist. Its unique collar also adds a nice twist.


This was not actually purchased in store but on the Shades of Grey website, which I perused after our visit. I love the blush shade of these and the white stripes down the sides. Quite long, these pants can be dressed up with heels and would look fabulous with a tied up white button down. While these pants are a bold choice for me, I love trying new styles and trends, and am excited to try them out with a variety of shoes and tops.


I absolutely love the clean lines of this shirt, and upon closer inspection the surprise cuts in the v-neck make it even more interesting.  It’s the perfect linen summer shirt that can be easily dressed up for dinner with jeans and heels or dressed down for the day with shorts. Surprisingly, I had to get this in a small to get a fit that I liked. While the medium was roomier, I found the small to be much more flattering.


I first fell in love with the blush color of this dress but when I pulled it out and saw it on the hanger, I wasn’t convinced. It’s not exactly my usual style but once I tried it on, I felt really confident in it. I found the style to be really flattering even though it was a little out of my comfort zone. It’s not a true wrap dress but the zipper makes it really easy to get in and out and makes me feel much more secure than the dress being held together by a single tie. All in all, our impromptu trip to this store was a major success, and I can’t wait to check it out again when I’m in L.A. again.



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