Our Baking Adventures: Millionaire’s Bites

I was first introduced to the wonder that is Millionaire’s Bites when I went on my post-graduation trip to Scotland. It was cold out and we had been hiking all day so we decided to pop into a coffee shop for some tea to warm ourselves up. It was then that I saw them, all three layers of crumbly shortbread, salty caramel, and decadent chocolate. I have spent my whole life loving sweets, but this was different. This was perfection. Throughout the rest of the trip in Scotland and when we went on to England, I would buy them where ever I saw them. I couldn’t get enough. Unfortunately, upon returning home, I discovered that the U.S. has yet to discover this delectable treat. It was then that my quest to recreate my first Millionaire’s Bite began.

After scouring the internet for recipes, I found a promising one on the New York Times Cooking page. The reviews were good, so I decided to try it out.

The first step was to create the shortbread, which was relatively easy. Before placing it in the oven, I sampled a bit and it was delicious, although to be fair its pretty difficult for butter, sugar, and flour to taste bad. We baked it for just shy of 34 minutes and took it out when it became a beautiful golden brown, and it smells great! Next, we had to patiently wait for it to cool before starting on the caramel layer.


The next layer has a component which I’m unfamiliar seeing in such a large quantity in caramel, condensed milk. I was apprehensive about what this would mean for my perfect Millionaire’s Bites.  This was the most difficult part of the whole shebang, it was almost impossible to keep the caramel from burning at the bottom of the pan. The resultant caramel was much lighter colored and creamier than I was expecting. Upon tasting, the condensed milk flavor was overwhelming. We melted the chocolate in the microwave and spread it over the caramel layer. The instructions said to wait 30 minutes to cut, but after 30 minutes our chocolate was still very melted. We stuck it in the fridge for about 45 minutes in the hopes of solidifying it.


After refrigerating it, it cut very easily and looked good except for the pale appearance of the caramel. Now to taste, here it goes!


The result: The shortbread layer was fine but I was severely underwhelmed by the caramel layer. You could barely taste the caramel so in my opinion, these do not count as Millionaire’s Bites. The search continues…


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