The Best Food in New Orleans


You can’t talk about New Orleans without talking about food, so let’s talk about some food.

My favorite restaurant in New Orleans is Dick and Jenny’s. It’s not my favorite because it’s the fanciest or has best service (I’ve had some pretty long waits for my food here) but because they serve the best creole dishes I’ve ever had. Creole food originated in Louisiana and includes a blend of Haitain, African, French, and other European cuisines. It includes favorites such as gumbo, jumbalaya, and red beans and rice. If you ever end up in New Orleans, and decide to go to Dick and Jenny’s, the one thing you have to order are the chargrilled oysters. These flame-kissed oysters are lightly cooked with red peppers, garlic and parmesan and are to die for. I’m serious, when I go I order a full dozen for myself.


The modern New Orleans isn’t just known for their Louisiana style cooking, but for restaurants of all kinds. Shaya has constantly been voted one of the top restaurants in New Orleans since opening in 2015. I’m not an avid hummus fan, but I would eat their cauliflower hummus by the spoonful. If you’re looking for something with a little more kick, be sure to check out their killer drink menu, I highly recommend their offshore revival cocktail. The latest New Orlean’s scandal was namesake chef Alon Shaya leaving his restaurant after splitting with his business partner John Besh. He recently opened a new restaurant, Saba which I (along with half of New Orleans) have been dying to try.

One surprising thing about New Orleans is that even the cheesy, airport advertised restaurants are really good. I mean like shockingly good. When my friend told be that I had to try Brennan’s, I laughed in her face. Then, I looked at some outstanding reviews and decided to try it out. What can I say? I was wrong! Everything I had here was delicious. From the frog legs to the BBQ lobster to the Iris cocktail, I was hooked. I went back the next week, and I would have gone back the following if it weren’t so expensive.  Fun fact: Brennan’s is where Banana’s Foster was created, and they’re pretty damn good at it!


It wouldn’t be a New Orleans food post if I didn’t include Dat Dog. Take what you know about hot dogs, and throw it out the window. The warm toasted buns, limitless toppings, and genuinely good meat changes the game. And if that wasn’t enough, their cheddar, bacon, ranch fries are enough to bring around any skeptic. Pro tip: if you can’t decide what to order, try it chef’s style for a fun surprise. And for the adventurous they’ve had a different flavor of vodka every time I’ve been their, including bacon and jalepeño.

When talking about food and New Orleans, it’s important to note that their are truly great restaurants all around. This list is by no means comprehensive, it’s just some of my favorites.  My two great loves in this life are dogs and good food, and New Orleans has plenty of both. And when it comes to food remember, I always want to taco ’bout it.



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